A spider

A spider!
I call out
On the flower!
A response:
The oppressive hand grapples
As though he were a menacing tennis ball
With each grab
He curls in pain
With each grab
My heart feels the same
The final grab
From the ignorant, oppressive hand
His life is finished
His final web already spun
Unbeknown to him
Perhaps he would have spent a little more time..
My heart rips open
A disgraceful reminder
That we are not all the same
Gentleness is strength
Oh, what a shame.

Ode to Aves

What would life be without a bird in the sky?
To peer up above to nothingness up high?
Not a duck nor a dive
Nor a squark nor a song
Not a chirp in the spring
Nor a nest by the pond
Not a swallow nor a swift
No blue tits nor gulls
How the sun would shine on
Yet life seem so dull
No winter time robin plucking berries from the tree
No woodpeckers in the forest
All jungles parrot-free
No hoot of the owl through the midst of the night
No fling of the lovebirds
Not a pigeon in sight
No eagles to soar
No vultures to feast
How dull life would be without these wondrous beasts.

Edith Pearl

(In the style of William Hughes Mearns)

Yesterday I met an invisible girl
Who told me that her name was Edith Pearl
She followed me around as a cat does a mouse
While I cooked my dinner
While I cleaned my old house

She told me stories of dust and of old
And complained to me that she felt a bit cold
So I went to fetch a blanket or two
But everything I offered her fell right through!

It’s quiet this morning
As I give my cereal a swirl
I guess this house was too cold
For my friend, Edith Pearl

Everything in Its Own Right

Everything is perfect in its own right
From the birds morning call
To the crickets at night
From his missing tooth
To her premature grey hair
From the wombats scuttle
To the felines stare
So before passing judgement
On the gentleman in the suit
On the child blowing bubbles
Or the lady selling fruit
Before you pass judgement
On the people in sight
Remember that we are all perfect
In our own special right